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Article: What shoes say about your personality

What shoes say about your personality

What shoes say about your personality

If you want to gain insights about anyone’s personality then its easier to just look at the shoes. We wear our hearts not on sleeves but on our shoes and this saying holds true for every person. Simply looking at some of the key features like colour, condition and heel height of the shoes, a fashion expert can easily gauge some key personality traits. 

Flat shoe type lovers are behind the scene leaders

If you are flat shoe lover, then you don’t crave attention or recognition. You would simply stand behind the scenes and ensure the product is perfectly finished. Such people are behind the scenes for making your engine run. 

Flip Flop fans are laid back

Easier to guess, a flip flop lover will be chilled and easy going. The person will be going with the flow while taking less challenges or caring about the society. They would rather find bliss in anything and conventional. 

Work boot lovers are always looking ahead

The work boot fan would be more practical, grounded and looking ahead with the changes in life. He or she will be ahead with atleast 2-3 steps in life making them more practical and analytical in life, who is always prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Running shoe fans are goal oriented

If you are a runner and fitness lover in your life then you would bet on running shoes. Some of the personality traits are full of confidence, organized, multi-tasking and goal-oriented. 

High heeled boot wears like to take charge

Women love high heel shoes but not every can pull it off. Those who can are self-assured, rational and clear about their life while always loving to be in charge of the situations. 

Flashy footwear shows an extrovert personality 

Bright and shiny shoes means you are an extrovert who loves to show-off their shoes and crave attention. Wearers are an outgoing personality who loves to hang around with friends or go for parties. 

Sneakerhead loves to get along with everyone

For a sneaker-buff, age is just a number and loves to explore with different ideas in mind. Such people are energetic and feel comfortable when conversing with anyone they meet. 


Since ancient times, shoes only served a specific purpose to protect your feet but now in today’s world, it shows a lot more about your personality. So, what type of shoe lover are you? Find out by looking at some of the options given above and understand more about your personality.

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