Shoe polish and leather care blog

A pair of leather shoes will cost you a couple of bucks, and believe us; it is a worthwhile investment. To make sure your shoes last for long, all you have to do is maintain their cleaning routine. You need to invest in the upkeep of your leather shoes, and we can ensure that it will not cost you much and save money in the long run. 

Why is polishing shoes so important? 

It is imperative to note no shoes can last for long or have a well-maintained look if not taken care of properly. Lack of nutrition eventually leads to the leather getting dried up and breaking down to the point of no return. If you want your pair of leather shoes to last for long, consider getting some of the best brand shoe polishes for it. Beyond lengthening the lifespan and appearances of your cowhide footwear or shoes, polishing your boots helps keep shoes in good condition. 

Leather care products from Helios

  1. Horseshoe Brush from Helios: A horseshoe brush is an ideal accessory for polishing your high-quality leather shoes, particularly those with high-end polish. It comes with a wooden body and highly bristle horsehair that offers extraordinary shoe care. While synthetic bristles can leave scratches on the upper layer of your shoe, bristles made of horsehair are incredibly soft.
  2. Shoe cream and Brush:  The lacquered and stained body of the shoe polish fits well in your hand. It comes with grips on both ends, and it comes with a Helios shoe cream that gives gloss to the leather shoe and makes it shine. The combo of Helios shoe brush and cream ensures that your leather shoes last long. Apart from the shoes, you can use the same for cleaning leather wallets and bags. You can choose from eight unique colours. The perfect meeting combo from Helios will cost you 799 INR only. With the coupon code Helios 10, you can get a flat discount of 10% on every purchase of 999 INR. Helios 30 gives you a discount of 30% on purchases above 9999 INR. 
  3. Shoe polish, brush and lotion Combo: This super unique combo is available at just 749 INR. Shoe lotion polishes your leather shoes and keeps them shiny, and it allows you to maintain the natural softness of your expensive pair of leather shoes. We will especially commend the Helios solution for leather shoes and accessories. Make sure that you use a piece of clean cloth to apply the bit of lotion. For better results, you can buff it with a leather shoe. The best part is that you can use it on any leather goods. Whether it is a leather wallet, bag, or shoe, the combo of Helios leather care accessories got you covered.


Helios shoe care products are a must-buy for every individual who wishes to keep their shoes clean and well maintained all the time. All you need to do is understand your shoe needs and pick up a product that fits perfectly well to your requirements.