Why is shampoo only for hair and not for your precious sneakers?

Have you ruined your sneakers with shampoo? Not yet? Well, after paying a hefty amount of money in buying your favorite sneakers, you wouldn’t want to use shampoo on them. Shampoos are explicitly designed to keep your hair clean, but if you use them on your expensive sneakers, you make a colossal mistake and experience the detrimental effect it will have on them. Let’s understand the ill effects of using shampoos on sneakers.

  • Reduces sneakers longevity – Shampoos can leave nasty chemical build-up on your sneakers. It can create a mess on your shoes. You would want to use your sneakers for a long time, but it will reduce their life if you use shampoo on them. The sneakers fabric, be it vinyl, suede, leather, canvas, nylon, cotton, mesh, etc., will lose its shine eventually. 
  • Cause greasiness or oil build-up – Some shampoos also contain some oil or chemical that help smoothen the scalp. But on the other hand, using any oil on sneakers can easily damage their fabric, design, or shine. 

Super Sneaker cleaner is the right solution

Are you looking for the perfect solution for sneaker cleaning and want to keep your sneakers look brand new without spending a fortune? Choose Super sneaker cleaner from Helios. It is the best sneaker cleaner available in the market at a competitive budget-friendly price. The product is well-suited for all types of sneakers, and it is explicitly designed to keep your sneakers look fresh, clean, and spot-free without any odors. 

How to use a Super sneaker Cleaner?

Using a super sneaker cleaner is very simple. All you have to do is, press the bottle, apply it to your shoes, and use little water to create the foam. Scrub together with the help of a brush and keep repeating for 3 minutes. Rub with the towel to remove the foam and let it dry for a few minutes. Super sneaker cleaner from Helios is the most immediate, convenient, and user-friendly product to keep your sneakers look fresh every time you step out. So, stop using Shampoos on your sneakers and replace them with Sneaker cleaner today. 

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