How to waterproof your shoes ?

You know that feeling when you've just purchased a pair of shoes, and it's the middle of the rainy season? That dreadful realisation that your new shoes are not waterproof can leave you in embarrassment. There is nothing more fun than wearing brand-new shoes to work or school, but there's also nothing worse than these shoes filling up with water! However, you can easily prevent this catastrophe by waterproofing your shoes before it rains. Here are some simple steps on how to do so:

Wax-based shoe polish helps it keep dry.

Helios Wax Polish is made out of the finest waxes from across the world. It ensures that your shoes get a brilliant shine and additionally protects your shoes from dirt and dust. It penetrates deep into leather pores and makes your shoe looks like a new one—buff with a Helios Shoe Brush for the best results. 

Waterproofing spray

Secondly, get yourself some waterproofing spray like Helios WaterProofer. Easy spray nozzle allows quick and thorough application, and it helps repel water, dirt, oil and prevents stains. Apply it on your shoes once and move in the rain without any fear of spoiling your favourite shoes. 

Soft Cloth 

Thirdly, get yourself a soft cloth, like an old T-shirt, sock or Helios Shoe cloth and rub the wax-based polish into your shoe's leather or fabric exterior surface (not on rubber soles). For optimal results, apply two coats over several days. After you are done with that, do the same with the waterproof spray. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before using it again. Remember: One layer is better than nothing, but two layers are the best.

Invest in leather care cream

Finally, if you wish to protect your shoes for a prolonged time, use Helios smooth leather care cream. The shoe care creams help restores full-grain and rich leather footwear. All you need to do is apply a thin layer on the surface of your shoe or any other leather article and experience protection from water, oil and other potentially harmful elements. It cares for your leather and leaves a long-lasting shine without the need for buffing. It also moisturises the leather from cracking or scuffing, which is a perfect solution for the daily care of leather as it is just a 30-second process and gives a buffed finish.

Spray rubber soles

The outsoles of running shoes are made up of porous rubber that will allow water through if not appropriately treated (this happens way too often). Applying silicone spray to the bottom of your shoes creates an impenetrable barrier against moisture, which shortens drying time after getting wet (and makes them smell better too).

Spray cotton insoles

Your shoes will absorb water much faster if the inside lining is made of cotton (usually for its softness and comfort). The only way to make them completely waterproof is to apply an extra layer on the fabric using silicone spray (let it dry before wearing again). This step is significant for people who run in wet conditions like rain or snow.


Ensure the shoe is protected from the start, not after it's old and has already soaked up too much water. Taking adequate care will also help against salt stains on boots during wintertime. So, if you wish to give utmost respect to your shoes, start practising the steps mentioned above today.

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