5 Simple hacks to a killer wardrobe

So are you fed up with your wardrobe being a mess, with clothes and shoes lying around everywhere? Are you looking for ways to organise it? Well, we have brought forth step by step process to organise your wardrobe.

Remove everything from your wardrobe

Start by removing everything from your wardrobe and sorting them into different piles. You can usually have four piles - Clothes for donation or recycling, Clothes for cleaning, Clothes for keeping in my closet and Clothes you want to sell/give away. The same goes for your shoe collection.

Decide what to keep and what to throw

Take a good look at all of your clothes and shoes and ask yourself why you have kept certain pieces. You might want to take pictures or make notes before making any decisions, then proceed with deciding if the part has a chance of staying in your closet for this season or not.

Clean or fix the piles

When you have sorted out what to keep and what to let go of, you tackle the piles that need to be cleaned or fixed. If you are using a free-standing wardrobe, stand in front of it and try all hangers to see which ones they belong. Once done, put them back! If you are using standard hangers, find the pair for each item. If there is more than one set of hangers, remove all but the right ones so that only things meant for this season will be hanging up. After performing these tasks, take everything off wardrobe shelves (if any), clean them, and put everything back on.

Now that you are emptying your wardrobe take the chance to group things together by type or style. For example, all the shoes on the floor or sweatshirts on one shelf will make getting dressed so much easier!


Now don't wait until next winter to organise your wardrobe. Take out each piece of clothing and decide what season it belongs in; Winter/Autumn/Summer/Spring. If something doesn't fit with the rest of your stuff, throw it away (donating or recycling) or see if you have anything similar in the appropriate season. Suppose you have items that are too faded for another season but not enough to throw them out. All you need is a little bleach! Throw your clothes in a bathtub with warm water and let soak for about an hour. Then wash as usual (warm/cold) and hang dry. (This process can be done with heavily damaged items, such as jeans; make sure all the strings and buttons are tied before putting them in!

Revamp your shoes in your wardrobe

Shoes are an essential part of the wardrobe these days. However, most of us don't take care of them properly, or we lack the basic shoe care kits to keep them look like a new one. Helios Shoe care kits for Leather and Suede shoes will clean them and keep like fresh. So, all you have to do is take them out, give them a little cleaning session, and they are back to go to your wardrobe all groomed up.


Follow the above easy steps to organise your wardrobe. In the end, you will have a piece of furniture that looks like it came out of a magazine and all your clothes and shoes looking neat and clean! Now start picking up one item at a time and ask yourself: does this enhance my life? If the answer is no, get rid of it, and it will altogether make your dressing experience much better.


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