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Article: How is horse hair brush different from regular synthetic bristle brushes?

How is horse hair brush different from regular synthetic bristle brushes?
Foot Care

How is horse hair brush different from regular synthetic bristle brushes?

Every shoe care kit is incomplete without a good shoe brush. It is one of the most important products without which you can’t keep your shoes clean and tidy. It is useful in brushing away the dirt from both regular leather shoes and suede shoes. Also, it can be used to brush up the shoe cream and spread it around the shoes, remove excess and build shine. Considering all the benefits one gets from a shoe brush, it is important to choose a good quality shoe brush. 

Horsehair vs. Synthetic brushes 

The most commonly available shoe brush is made of Horse Hair bristles. This type of brush can be used to polish and delicately clean the shoe. The horse bristles come with both man and tail where the tail hair is made of high quality. The dense the brush is built, the better it functions regularly. The soft horse hairs provide the required friction to create the shine without removing the polish. Other types of shoe brushes are available, like Boar Hair for more tough and rough bristles suited for cleaning textured leather. Goat Hair is more suited to the dusting of shoes, while there’s also synthetic brush available which is made of tough synthetic hairs. Horse hairbrush is an optimum choice for polishing high-quality shoes that need a high shine and finish. It is usually available in wooden bodies, and tightly stitched horsehair bristles provide shoe care. 

Synthetic bristles can leave a scratch on your shoes, while horsehair is extremely soft. Its rigid body fits perfectly in your hand with a good grip on both sides. The tough synthetic hairs make the brush fit for rough cleaning work. For example, harsh stains can be removed from a suede shoe with a horsehair brush. On the other hand, horsehair shoe brushes can provide inimitable glossy shine to the shoes. If you plan to buy a long and sturdy horsehair shoe brush, you must opt for Helios 6.5 inches Horse Hair shoe brush, which is bigger and made of 100% Horsehair. It is made of high-density bristle and gives silky high gloss to your polished shoes. So, if you are looking for quality above everything else, the Helios shoe care range is the product to invest.


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