Clean your Leather Couches, Chairs, and Other Furniture

Leather couches are very hard to clean. It is because of the leather's porous texture that it absorbs dirt and stains easily. You need special methods to remove these stubborn problems from your leather couch. Here are a few tips for you to do it:

  • Soak up any excess liquids before proceeding with the cleaning process and put down pads or towels all over the floors where the liquid might drip through while you clean your couch.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner (with brush attachments) to remove dust and dry particles. Then use damp cloths or sponges dipped in mild detergent solution, warm water, and white vinegar to wipe off tough spots like wine, marker pen, etc., depending on how stubborn they are.
  • Use a commercial leather cleaner to disinfect and remove tough stains like dirt, ink, and grease from your couch by using an old towel or cloth to wipe them off.
  • Use a soft dry cloth afterward to remove the residual wetness on the couch's surface.
  • Throw away old rags or cloths that you used to clean the leather couch beforehand, especially if they are already damp with cleaning solutions. Mildew spots can form within your home over time, so make sure to dispose of them immediately and adequately at the end of your cleaning process; check first for stains as well on their surface before it is too late.
  • Use a vinegar-water solution (50% white vinegar and 50% water) afterward by using a soft dry cloth dipped in it to wipe down the entire surface area of your leather couch thoroughly after you have cleaned it from inside out with detergent, warm water,
  • Don't rush through stain removal - blotting and dabbing are much better than spreading. Suppose liquid has already soaked into the sofa or carpeted flooring, blot rather than wiping with a towel. Blotting absorbs moisture instead of pushing it further into the fabric or carpet.
  • The rule to remember is: apply a little stain remover on a cloth, dab at the soiled areas, and blot it dry. It is better to do this than repeatedly wiping it with a towel. If you are looking forward to a professional cleaning solution, you can go for Helios Universal Cleaner. It is one of the most trusted products in the market that can help you maintain your leather couches dirt-free for a long period.


Above mentioned tips can be followed to have a dirt-free and clean leather couch for a long time. Try investing in a Helios cleaner that is just apt and won't require much effort to clean the sofa for professional cleaning.

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