Why is it better to use a shoe cream rather than liquid polish?

Purchase of a nice pair of shoes is just the beginning. As you keep wearing them, shoes keep losing their shine and look. It needs proper care and maintenance, such as using a shoe cream. Polishing leather shoes is a science, and keeping your shoes maintained can add years to its life. Cleaning your shoes with shoe cream or a liquid polish is a difficult choice. Both the products are used to enhance the appearance of your shoes, but shoe cream is better than a liquid polish in many ways. 

Liquid shoe polish is sold in squeezable bottles made of plastic and has a sponge applicator in the end for polishing. Bottled liquid shoe polish usually has a low wax content to decrease its viscosity. It is a complex mixture, with wax emulsion being the major component. Many experts warn against the long-term use of shoe polish on leather shoes to dry out and crack the upper. It is a quick-fix solution to add shine to your shoes, but shoe polish can even cause your shoe color to fade away if used in excessive amounts. 

Shoe cream makes your shoes look well-maintained and vibrant. It can cover your scratches and maintains the original look of your shoes for a long time. Unlike shoe polish, which changes shoe color, the shoe cream leaves a thin layer behind that can help keep the original color of the leather shoes intact. The only downside of using a shoe cream is that you need to have a specific shade for every shoe color, but as long as you have the right shoe cream color, it will increase the life of your leather shoes along with shine.

It is important to understand that shoe creams are available in synthetic and natural types. Leather shoes can absorb natural oils, and shoe creams can be useful compared to synthetic counterparts. Helios shoe cream helps nourish your leather shoes and keep them maintained the way you want them to be. It is made of the finest waxes and helps your shoe have a long-lasting life and also radiant and smooth look. If you wish, you can even use it with a shoe cloth and even on the sofa, jackets, bags, wallets, etc. 

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