How do professionals clean the sneakers?

A new pair of shoes gives you a fabulous experience, whereas dirty shoes not only give you a  bad feeling but ruin your personality as well. As said that a person is judged by their personality, and that starts right from the pair of shoes. So there are some learning tips to clean the shoes by the pin of honor. Similar to giving water to plants for their growth and doing workouts for fitness, shoes also want the care, so clean them from time to time.

keep the sneaker laces clean-

Take out the laces from the sneakers for cleaning. Put them in the tub of warm water with a couple of capsules of solution during the cleaning of the sneakers, which ought to take 20-30 minutes. After that, remove them from the solution, rub them with your hands, and sprint them with microfiber fabric to make the laces white.

Keep the foul smell out from the insole

 Baking soda solution is best to remove foul smell and kill bacteria in shoes. You can start by adding 2 teaspoons of baking soda to a big plastic bag. Next, keep the insoles in the bag. Shake well to ensure that the baking soda is all over the insoles. You will see the best results.

Keep sneakers clean

Keeping your shoes clean needs a few things to take into account. First of all, you need to see the color of the shoes. If it has a dark color, such as navy or burgundy, there is the risk of color bleed. Take the shoes,  warm water, and a soft brush. The best way to clean the shows is - before using the water on the sneakers, rub them with a dry brush. Helios has number of products that can help in keeping your sneakers clean -  Helios super sneaker solution – 125 ml. It is the signature product of the company. It is the best kit for all shoe clean solutions. It has a premium range of sneaker cleaning solutions that efficiently clean up to 100 pairs of shoes.

Keep the outsole sole

For cleaning the outsole, you can use a stiffer brush till it becomes rubber. You could go hotter with warm water. Use it for a couple of times of cleaning solution, then rub it for cleaning if there is something strong to remove. Put it on a cloth and work on it.


In this post, you get information on how to clean the sneakers, as per the professionals. You will also know the best quality shoe cleaning products and the cleaning solution offered by Heliosindia. If you want to adopt the ideas of professionals to clean your sneakers, then you must buy our shoe cleaning products directly from the website

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