Clean Suede Sofa - The Happy House Cleaning

Sofas are the heart of any home or place. It is the place that catches the attention of every individual who visits your site. Hence it is important to keep it well maintained all the time. Out of all, suede sofas are indeed really difficult to maintain. However, this article will give you tips on cleaning the couch and keeping it held for a long time. Just keep following the guidelines below;

  1. Cleaning with water- Make sure that whatever cleaning product you're using is safe for fabrics and gently blot over stained areas with a damp sponge or cloth until the stains come out. Make sure you wring it out so that there is no excess water left on the suede upholstery.
  2. Try warm water with vinegar - This mild combination cleans the sofa without damaging it in any way or causing a greasy residue. Just spray down affected areas with warm water and white vinegar and wipe clean with a soft cloth or sponge. You can use this solution on any item with a suede finish.
  3. Use olive oil- Olive oil is safe to get rid of most stains, and it conditions the leather, making it feel smooth again. Just dab a little bit on affected areas and leave overnight for the best results.
  4. Never use bleach- Bleach is something you want to avoid using at all costs. It's a powerful chemical that will strip away the color in your sofa and can ruin it forever! The same goes for any cleaning product containing chlorine.
  5. Avoid harsh fabric stiffeners - Many people like to get rid of wrinkles by brushing on flat irons or putting items in the dryer. While this temporarily fixes the problem, it causes severe damage to fabrics because they contain chemicals that build up over time. This buildup creates stiffness in materials which results in tears or cracking during hot weather conditions. If you have a smaller item, be sure not to put it in the washer or dryer.
  6. Avoid over-drying - If you're going to put your suede furniture item in the dryer, make sure that you only put it on low heat or, even better, air dry instead. Any high heat will damage the fibers and can cause cracks. So, take out of the dryer as soon as it's done and let air-dry overnight without fail!
  7. Have a dust cover - You must get a good quality suede dust cover that is large enough to cover all your furniture. It will help prevent any dirt or debris from damaging it and protect against cat or dog hair shedding. Also, if you're going away for a while, make sure you put your sofa in storage, so it doesn't get dirty during this period.


Suede furniture is notorious for being difficult to clean. But all hope isn't lost! Follow the steps outlined in this article, and you'll be able to maintain your suede upholstery with ease and without harmful chemicals. However, if you wish to keep it hassle-free, you can choose Helios Nubuck & Suede Stain Eraser or Helios Nubuck & Suede 4 way Leather Cleaning Brush. These are professional products, which have especially been crafted for this use. They will never harm your sofa. Instead, they shall keep it maintained for a long period.

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