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Article: Do you really need to wear socks?

Do you really need to wear socks?

Do you really need to wear socks?

Socks are the most under-appreciated item in anyone's wardrobe. Well, it is high time we change our thought process with regards to socks. It has emerged as one of the most demandable products and is considered a fashion statement. Apart from the above, it also has various other benefits, which have been discussed below.

Keeps your shoes from stinking

Suppose you wear sneakers or shoes that tend to get stinky; wearing socks masks the smell to prevent others from gagging when you take them off. Try it out next time before taking your shoes off at home (and remember to remove those socks). The reaction will likely end up being, 'wow, these don't smell as bad as I thought they would'.

Helps with shoe fit

If your shoes feel a little bit too loose, try putting on a pair of thick socks. Not only will they help your shoes feel more comfortable, but they'll also prevent their shape from deforming.

Helps fight athlete's foot

We all know how stinky and uncomfortable that can be - not to mention unsightly. Wearing socks is one of the best ways to prevent it because they create a barrier between your feet and shoes.         

It keeps the elements off your feet

The average human loses most of their heat through their head and feet, and keeping them warm (especially during winter) can make a big difference in our body temperature. Wearing thicker socks helps keep the rest of your body warm by providing an extra layer of insulation.

Extra cushioning

Most people who like to run or work out prefer wearing socks because they act as extra padding for the bottom of their feet, and they absorb shock better than bare feet and can make activities more comfortable overall. 

Helps prevent blisters

Blisters are no fun! Wearing cotton/poly blend socks helps create a barrier between your skin and whatever it might be rubbing against, preventing friction and possible blistering. 

Protects from athlete's foot & toe fungus

Although this might sound like no big deal, people with smelly feet know how much of a problem it can be -especially if they're dealing with poor circulation. Wearing socks can help absorb sweat and prevent them from smelling by stopping bacteria build up. If that's not enough for you, here are some other ways to naturally deal with stinky feet.

Socks prevent your feet from breathing and create an effective barrier against fungus, which means no more smelly feet!

Helps maintain proper hygiene

On average, our bodies produce almost half a litre of sweat daily, which means before long, we'd all smell bad if we didn't have some way of getting rid of it. Socks help absorb moisture which helps prevent stains and keeps your feet feeling dry, fresh and clean.


One can never say it enough, but socks are a staple for human hygiene, especially when dealing with shoes that don't always provide the 'best' conditions when it comes to this. Hence it won't be wrong to say that socks are a must. While it has become a necessity these days, it is essential to pick up a product from the best brand and is good in quality. One such brand worth trying is Styocks. It has been crafted considering the fashion trend and provides quality to consumers they have always craved.

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