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Article: Helpful Tips about shoes and fit

Helpful Tips about shoes and fit

Helpful Tips about shoes and fit

Ever had a pair of shoes that were perfect for your feet? It is such a wonderful feeling. But what if the shoe doesn't fit right? Well, don't get disheartened; every problem has a solution, and so is with this one. There are ways to fix it! The best way to get a perfect shoe fit is to make sure you buy your foot's correct size and width. 

First, let's talk about sizing, and then we will move on to other issues with shoe fitting:

Tip 1 

The best way to measure your foot is to stand up and place your heel against a wall. With a pencil, mark where the longest toe reaches on the wall. This line should be completely straight from heel to toe. Then, using a ruler, measure that distance in inches or centimetres (whichever one works for you). It will be your estimated shoe size based on foot length. Ensure you wear the socks you plan on wearing with the shoes while measuring. Also, a shoe size conversion chart that might help you out. 

To find your width, take the number of inches times 0.6 -- this will give you the "medium" measurement of your foot (for example: if you measure 10 inches, your medium width would be 6). For instance, if the right foot measures 26 cm, which converts to 10-1/4 inches, your shoe size can be 10-1/2. Like with length, different brands and styles will affect these numbers, so it's always important to try shoes on, as it is used as an estimate for finding your correct shoe width.

One thing to mention about sizing is that different countries have their measurements; therefore, it could be possible that two people could measure the same but not fit into the same shoe size. So, always try on shoes before you choose to buy them. Also, check on charts before selecting. 

Tip 2

If you have one foot more prominent than the other one, buy shoes for the larger foot so they will fit correctly! Otherwise, you might have some rubbing or tight spots on one foot, leading to blisters or worse! Also, keep in mind that your feet change over time, so it might be helpful to measure your feet now and then to help ensure good fitting shoes.

Tip 3

After figuring out your size, it's time to on to width. Shoes are supposed to fit snugly but not be painful. Before buying shoes, try them on with the type of socks you plan to wear because the thickness of your socks will make a difference in how well your shoe fits! Different brands and even styles can have different widths. 


Always buy comfortable shoes. You can do this by checking if your shoes fit well. Too tight or too loose makes things much more difficult. Therefore, you must know how to find the perfect shoe size to give you the required comfort. Once you have chosen the right pair of shoes, don't forget that you can comfortably wear them up using Shoe horns. The product enables an individual to wear his pair of shoes comfortably without sitting in odd positions or bending down too much.


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