Helios Nubuck & Suede Stain Eraser


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The Helios Nubuck and Suede Stain Eraser is an innovative version of a traditional eraser which can be used to get rid of stains and dirt on delicate leathers like Nubuck and Suede. Spot cleaning of dried dirt can be effectively done using this product which will preserve the leather's original texture as well as revitalize its shine. The Helios Nubuck and Suede Eraser is soft and will not change the color of the leather even after being used on multiple surfaces. 

Apart from shoes, this product is safe to be used on any product made of Nubuck and Suede leather like upholstery of furniture, car seats, bags, coats and jackets.


  • Gently rub the stain in a circular motion.
  • Do not rub too vigorously.
  • Wipe off with a dry clean cloth.
  • In case of remaining dirt, brush it off using the Helios Suede Leather Brush.


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