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Nubuck & Suede Glower 250 ML
Use a Suede Brush to remove dirt and dust. Nubuck & Suede Glower renovates the colour of the nubuck/suede leather. Spray it evenly over the surface of the shoe and give them a long-lasting shine.


  • It renovated the surface of the shoe and brings back the original colour.
  • It gives your shoes a long lasting shine.
  • It is easy to use, takes very less time.

Nubuck & Suede Stain Eraser
Helios Nubuck & Suede Stain Eraser is one of a kind of product and works like magic on your shoes.

It helps in removing the most stubborn of stains like oil or grease marks from your nubuck and suede leather.


  • The eraser does not require anything else with it, not even water.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is perfect for use instantly after a spill of oil, grease or food.

Suede & Nubuck Leather

  • 1. Remove the dirt and dust from your shoe with the help of a Helios Suede Leather Brush.
  • 2. Use the stain eraser like an eraser on the oil/grease marks.
  • 3. Use it with swift gentle strokes and keep rubbing the stain till the time it vanishes completely.
  • 4. Then, spray a Nubuck & Suede Glower to bring back the shine on the nubuck suede leather.


Nubuck & Suede Leather Brush
Helios Nubuck & Suede Leather Brush has 3 sides to it.

One side has nibs on it, which help in raising the naps of the nubuck/suede leather.
The other side has hard wire bristles which help in removing the dust and dirt from the surface of the leather.
Then the 3rd part is the edge cleaner which helps in cleaning the shoes from the corner and the edges which cannot be reached easily.


  • It has three sides to it for all types of cleaning.
  • Great for removing dust and dirt
  • Reaches all parts of your shoes and cleans them thoroughly.

Suede & Nubuck Leather


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