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Shoe Cream 48 GM Glass Jar With Applicator
Our shoe creams made out of the finest waxes will let your shoes shine exactly the way you want them to. The creams will not only make your shoes shine, it will help in making the leather smooth and radiant and will make the leather last for long. Rub it with a lost for best results. Can be used on leather bags, wallets, sofa, jackets, belts as well. 


Smooth Leather

  • 1.Remove the dirt and dust from the shoe surface with the help of a shoe brush.
  • 2. Apply cream over the surface of the shoe with the help of a Helios Brush or Helios Cloth.
  • 3. Let it dry for 2-3 minutes.
  • 4. Buff it with a Helios Brush or a Helios Shoe Cloth to an immaculate shine.

Horse Hair Shoe Brush
A 5.5 inch long beautiful wooden sturdy handle made of imported wood with soft, 100 % genuine horsehair to give your shoes the love and care they deserve. And comes with beautiful packaging to grace your shoe racks.


Smooth Leather 

Leather Lotion
Helios Leather Lotion cleans and nourishes the leather and maintain its natural softness. Especially recommended for leather goods and upholstery. For an example use a clean cloth to apply the lotion. leave to dry. Buff it with a brush for better results. Can be used on any leather product like a leather bag, wallet, belt and much more.


Smooth Leather

  • 1. Use the dispenser on the top of the bottle to put lotion on the surface of the shoe.
  • 2. Use a Helios Shoe Shining Cloth to spread the lotion over the surface.
  • 3. Let it dry for 2-3 minutes.
  • 4. Use the cloth again to buff the leather and enjoy the gleaming shine and softness.

For cleaning, applying wax/cream/lotion, and buffing shoes to an immaculate shine, our Helios Shoe Shining Cloth is second to none. The big (30cm x 30cm), soft, durable cotton cloth makes light work of shoe shining.
- Shines quickly and easily
- Suitable for cleaning, polishing and buffing shoes
- Soft and durable cotton cloth
- Buffs up shoes to a brilliant shine.

Leather and Sneaker Wipes
Helios Leather & Sneaker  Wipes are appropriate for all type of leather and vinyl. A convenient, practical and modern method of cleaning, with excellent effect even on heavily contaminated shoes. They renovate and soften the leather, rendering an instant gloss to shoes, bags and accessories. Their compact size makes them a preferred choice in our hectic everyday lives.

Shoe Horn 6"
The easy-grip handle makes it easy to hold the shoehorn in place when removing or putting on your shoes. Anyone from women, men or the elderly can use!


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