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FEATURES (Shine Sponge): - 

  • It gives the shoes a long-lasting shine.
  • It has a soft sponge that ensures leather absorbs the cleaning mixture.
  • Can be great for leather shoes, leather bags etc.

DESCRIPTION (Shine Sponge):-

Bring back the love of shining with the Helios shoe shiner  Sponge. It's our signature article with a reservoir in it to store the liquid which gives your shoes a long-lasting shining life.

DESCRIPTION (Twin Brush) :-

Helios Twin Shoe Brush is a twin sided bristled brush where the smaller side acts as a picker to pick wax or cream and applying it on leather surface and the bigger side is used to buff the leather to give it a brilliant shine.

FEATURES (Canvas Shoe Polish): - 

  • The roller applicator is of perfect size ad soft to apply the polish easily on all parts of the shoe.
  • The grip of the applicator is perfect for the hands.
  • Helios polish can be easily applied and spreads on the shoe surface smoothly.

DESCRIPTION (Canvas Shoe Polish) :-

The fondest memory of our school days! Ah, the sports days and the white textile shoes. Helios Canvas Polish is just the right product to make a fine coating over your canvas shoes and give them a brilliant shine. Make sure you shine the brightest in your school field. 

(Sparkler) :-

Helios Sparkler is a sport shoe shampoo for your sport shoes. The special grub applicator will make sure to remove all the stubborn marks from your shoe giving it a brilliant shine. Be the brightest one on the field.


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