How to clean suede shoes and bags the right way?

Suede leathers are the toughest to clean and maintain. It is mostly used in the manufacturing of shoes, bags, and jackets. It is a delicate material that needs proper storage and maintenance. With appropriate care, suede leather can maintain its shape and shine for a long time. Following the tips below can help you retain suede shoes and bags in the best possible ways. 

Start using Helios Nubuck & Suede 4-way Leather Cleaning Brush to remove dirt.

Dry brushing is one of the most recommended ways to get rid of the dirt and dust from the surface of the shoes. You can use a Helios Nubuck & Suede 4-way Leather Cleaning Brush to brush away the soil gently. It provides the perfect cleaning aid for delicate leathers like Nubuck and Suede. Combination of nylon and steel that effectively removes dirt from the upper surface of shoes and bags. 

Use Helios Nubuck & Suede Stain Eraser

It helps an individual in getting rid of hard stains. If you are looking at an innovative way to remove stains and dirt for delicate leathers like Suede and Nubuck, you can use Helios Nubuck and Suede stain eraser for effective spot cleaning. The best part about using the eraser from Helios is that it will not change the color of the leather even after using it on multiple surfaces. You can even use it on the other upholstery of furniture, bags, coats, jackets, and car seats as well. 

Helios Nubuck & Suede Spatter

If you want to provide better protection from dirt and dust, Spatter from Helios is a good option. It is the finest waxes from across the world that ensure that your shoes get the brilliant shine and protection at the same time. Remove the dirt using Helios Horse Shoe brush or use Helios Shoe wipes to clean the surface of the shoes. Apply Helios Nubuck & Suede Spatter on the surface with the help of Helios cloth or shoe brush. Let it dry for a while, and it will be shiny in no time. This product can be used on suede bags, wallets, sofa, jackets, and belts. 

To summarise

Suede leather requires a lot of attention and care. Undoubtedly, using Helios products will make your life and maintenance of suede products a lot easier and simpler.