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Article: What are the myths or truths of leather care?

What are the myths or truths of leather care?

What are the myths or truths of leather care?

Leather care is a subjective matter wherein every individual follows their own set of methods. However, in the process of leather care, multiple myths have been floating around, creating a lot of confusion and doubts in individuals' minds. To rest on all the tales and break the bubble, we have brought forth some facts below.

Myth 1 

One of the most well-known myths about leather care is that you can't use a bleach cleaner. It is not true; there are plenty of cleaners out there that have bleach in them. When using a bleach cleanser, the only thing one should be concerned about is when they last cleaned. If they're very dirty, then let them soak for at least an hour before using a cleaning solution with bleach in it. If they're just dusty or lightly soiled, then give them five minutes before adding any cleaner to the mix.

Myth 2

Another common myth about leather care involves dry brushing. People think that you have to use a dry brush on your leather because wet brushes can cause damage to the leather's finish. That is not true. Wet clothes and towels, or even paper towels, are equally harmful compared to the dry cleaning method. Just make sure you don't rub too hard with the towel when you're drying off your leather; this can also cause damage.


It is another one that people often believe about leather care - that if they put their wallet in the microwave for five minutes or so, it'll kill all of the germs and bacteria that might be living there but shall keep the color and look intact—a myth. The wallet will come out looking like a well-done steak with all of the bacteria and germs still alive and unharmed! When you want to clean your purse, the best thing to do is brush it out with a toothbrush or another small, soft-bristled brush. You can also use a product like Helios Leather cream, which contains a leather cleaning agent that sanitizes and conditions your product and keeps its quality and shines intact.


Another common myth about leather care is that you should coat your new, rolled-up leather jacket in Armor All because it'll make it more water repellent. That isn't true - using Armor All on your jackets would be redundant. Your coat already has a substance in its finish to make it waterproof, so adding any silicone-based protection product will only make it harder for the leather protection to absorb into the jacket.

Myth 5

One of the most common myths about leather care is that you should never put saddle soap on your boots. Not true either. While this may be good advice if you're trying to keep waterproofing in places like a high-tech membrane, it's also a bad idea because it'll remove any waxes or oils that are already there protecting your boots. Using saddle soap once every few months will help restore the shine and softness of your leather without removing any of its protective properties. You can also choose to use Helios Universal cleaner, which is just perfect for cleaning your leather products and giving them a long life.


While numerous myths revolve around leather care, we hope we could burst some of the myths and give you some clarity on what leather care is all about.

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