Do I really need the cream and the wax polishes?

The fundamental difference between a cream and wax polish is that wax polish is primarily used to provide high shine, while a cream polish is more for shoe nourishment. Wax polish contains a high concentration of hard waxes, provides a barrier to the shoe, and protects it from scratches, light scuffs, and any water. You need to be careful while applying wax polish because it can hurt your boots if you use too much wax.

Use wax or shoe polish

It is best to use both, but some people wonder which one is the best to use. The answer to this question is that both wax and cream polishes protect leather shoes in different ways.

  • Polish is one of the main components of shoe care, and polishing compounds create a surface layer that can withstand dirt and dust. Cream polishes don’t bring the required protection to the shoes from the elements, hence impacting their shine.
  • Cream polish does preserve and nourish them since shoe creams only nourish the boots, but wax polishes provide shine and protection at the same time.
  • Wax polishes can also provide a waterproof coating to the shoes. 

Final words

If you want to maintain shine on your shoes, you need to use both shoe polish and wax. It can help provide overall protection to your shoes. The whole process might be time-consuming, but it will pay dividends in the end. When your shoes are clean and dry, you can apply cream polish on the surface and smear it around so that a nice even coat is spread across the shoe surface. You can wipe away any excess shoe polish.

Similarly, you can apply wax polish and coat the entire surface getting excess off. After you got a good layer of wax polish on the shoes, you can shine them up using a Horsehair shoe brush. Good brushing and buffing can give a nice matte shine that works well. Use a damp cloth in a tight swirling pattern to help build up the high mirror shine.

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