Waterproofing shoes

The first impression is the last; we have all been brought up hearing this phrase, and it ultimately holds. Shoes play a dominant role in determining our personality, and hence should be taken care of appropriately. What if you have just bought that perfect pair of leather shoes, but they are not waterproof. Well, hundreds of questions might strike your mind to answer those; we have brought forth some tips to keep your shoes looking good.

Why waterproof shoes?

The most crucial reason to waterproof a shoe is to avoid having wet feet. Wet feet can lead to many problems, including blisters, athlete's foot and colds. An additional benefit of wearing waterproof shoes is the ability to walk through puddles without getting one's feet wet. In addition, the outside appearance of the shoes will remain as good as new for more extended periods when they are protected from moisture. Many different types of waterproofing agents may be applied to shoes. Some products block water, while others claim they form an oil-resistant barrier on top of leather or fabric footwear that stops water seeping in at the stitching level, where it enters quickly. The following list provides some valuable tips :

Dampen the cloth with water

  • First of all, if your shoes are leather, get a sponge or cloth and dampen them with some water. 
  • Use this cloth or sponge to wipe off any dirt on the surface of the shoe. It will help protect the finish coat on the surface by preventing it from scratching off when adding subsequent coats of new finishing products. 
  • Get rid of dirt and dust from your shoes/boots with a brush - preferably before going out, so the material doesn't "adhere" to the fabric/leather. Then brush your shoes vigorously with a dry cloth - this will get rid of any loose dirt removed by brushing. 
  • You should also pay attention to the inner parts of your boots; in most cases, they are not waterproof also. 
  • Please treat them with a waterproof Proof Spray to make them waterproof. 

Buy Water repellent product and use it

  • Buy an appropriate water-repellent product at any reputable shoe shop or supermarket which sells shoes.
  • Read both sides of the instructions carefully before applying any water-repellent products. There will be important information such as how long to let the product dry before wearing the shoes.
  • Apply a thin coat to both shoes and, if possible, leave them overnight in a warm place, preferably close to the heater.
  • Repeat this procedure for at least two coats, and you should be good to go. Your shoes should resist water and dirt from now on.


Don't worry! Leather is hardy stuff - it's much more resistant than we give it credit. Just follow these instructions carefully, and your leather boots will keep their good looks even in bad weather. They'll put up with so much punishment that you can use them in the garden or for outdoor sports like cycling and hiking. All that's required is a bit of regular maintenance; they'll then be as good as new and ready to face whatever you throw at them!

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