How to increase the durability of shoes?

When it comes to choosing shoes, we always look for the ones which are trending. Picking up stylish shoes and the one that goes with your outfit is what one prefers. But there is one more factor which people should keep in mind when choosing shoes. It is that how long-lasting the boots are. When talking about the durability of the shoes, it also depends on how you are maintaining them. To increase the durability of your shoes, you can follow some tricks mentioned below.

Store them in the right way

When it comes to taking care of your shoes, we need to make sure that we store them in the right place. Especially when you are not making regular use of them, try to keep them in a shoebox or a shoe cabinet. If you leave your shoes lying here and there, they will get dirty very soon due to the dust particles. It will not only make your shoes look dull but will affect their durability also.

Make good use of them

If you plan to go running and use jogging shoes or canvas shoes, you are using them in the wrong way. Similarly, if you are going to use leather shoes for hiking, it will affect the life of the leather shoes. So, make sure that you are using the right shoes for the right purpose. Running shoes should be used for running, leather shoes for parties or formal occasions, or office wear.

Clean your shoes regularly

If you are using your shoes regularly, remember to clean them regularly. By keeping your shoes clean, you will add more life to them. But when it comes to cleaning, make sure that you know how to do it. Like, never clean cloth shoes or leather shoes using a hard brush. Or never soak your shoes in detergent or harsh soap for long. It is better to read the instructions before cleaning them than to wash them in the wrong way.


Now you know how you can increase the durability of your shoes in the right way—no matter whether you are buying an expensive pair of shoes or regular ones. If you know how to store them or clean them properly, you will be able to keep them for long. So, make sure to follow the instructions above properly and give your shoes a long and durable life.

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