How to clean your shoes on rainy days?

 Have you ever worn a dirty wet pair of shoes? If yes, then you can pretty well understand that how uncomfortable it feels wearing wet shoes. And especially, when you have to walk miles wearing those pair of shoes, you may feel like walking barefoot. It happens mostly during rainy days. And another major problem is that our shoes get dirty and stinky during this time. If you feel that you should let your shoes dry with all that dirt, you may be causing more harm to them. Because it will allow the stains to also dry, and by soaking that dirty puddle water, your shoes may stink more when you wear them next time. That is why you are advised to clean your wet shoes and then only air dry them. If you are thinking about cleaning and drying them up during rainy days, read the tips we share below.

Cleaning shoes on rainy days

 Remove the insoles and laces and wash with clean water – If your sneakers or running shoes get dirty and wet during rainy days, do not let them dry like that. Otherwise, you are letting the bacteria grow inside the shoes, which may lead to allergies. You should first remove the insole and laces and wash them away with shoe cleaner. For such times, we suggest you get a Helios Shoe Care Kit. It consists of shoe cleaner, brush, and other essential items for cleaning any shoes. Cleaning the shoes with a shoe cleaner and warm water will remove all the dirt, and there will be no risk of developing bacteria inside them.

 Wipe off mud and dust to clean shoes

We suggest using Helios Leather & Sneaker Wipes for leather shoes to wipe off the dust and mud. Because if they remain there for long, there are chances that they may ruin the leather or fade the color. If you do not have wipes, make use of a small cloth to clean it.

 Drying shoes on rainy days

  •  Please use the newspaper: It is raining outside, so it is not possible to dry your shoes with ease. In this case, the newspaper is quite handy, as it helps in drying the water and moisture from the shoes. Be it your sneakers, running shoes, or your leather shoes. In all the cases, we suggest you make use of the newspaper. Stuff the newspaper inside the shoes and let it soak the water. It is one of the fast ways of drying up your shoes during rainy days. Keep checking the newspaper and if you feel it is too wet because of soaking water. Change the newspaper again and let it absorb the moisture from the shoes completely.
  • Do not use a hot air dryer to dry your shoes because that will destroy your shoes, especially leather shoes. Due to its heat, it will end up wasting the shoe material and the texture.

Final words 

So, now you know how to clean and dry your shoes on rainy days. So, next time you face any such problem, use these tips, or you can purchase some Helios pro products, and you are sorted.


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