How to clean sneakers depending on the material?

Sneakers are the favorite of many of us, as they look so cool. Whether you have a canvas sneaker or the ones made using leather, they all make a style statement. But there is one thing that annoys most of us, and that is how soon they get dirty. Especially if they are white sneakers, they will get dirty in one wear only. And none of us likes to see our sneakers getting dirty or wearing a dirty pair of sneakers. That is why we are here to help you know how to clean your sneakers if you adore them a lot. Because no matter even if you have ten pairs of sneakers, you will still want to keep all of them clean and long-lasting. Here, we will share some tips with you on how to clean sneakers, depending on their material. 

Canvas Sneakers

Most of us invest in canvas sneakers only as they are quite durable in comparison to other sneakers. However, while being long-lasting, they tend to get dirty pretty soon. And at times, they may get some stubborn marks too. But you need not worry, as it is quite easy to clean canvas sneakers. Invest in a good Helios canvas shoe polish, and you are sorted. It shall help you clean your shoes without much stress and hassle. Even though various home remedies are available, it is highly advisable to opt for professional cleaning solutions for the health and life of your shoes.

Sneakers made of synthetic leather

If you are going to some party or a club, these types of sneakers are good to go. They have been made to keep shoes clean and tidy. Also, when they get dirty, it is easier to clean them in comparison to other sneakers. For cleaning synthetic leather sneakers, you should contact the Helios Leather Shoes Cleaning Kit.

Sneakers made using nylon mesh.

Most athletes or runners prefer to get the sneakers made using Nylon Mesh, as they find it quite comfortable. But when it comes to cleaning these sneakers, it doesn’t seem comfortable at all. We suggest first trying to take off the dirt when it is dry, only using a brush. The next step is to try your hands on a professional cleaner especially made for Nylon shoes. It will help keep the quality intact and keep it dirt-free, which means you can wear them anytime and anywhere you want.

Final concepts

By now, you know how to clean different types of sneakers and what shoe care products are suitable for them. So, invest in such a shoecare range and keep your shoes happy and dirt-free forever.

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