How is shoes cream different from wax polishes?

If you feel that shoes are something that no one will look at, then you are wrong. It is often said that shoes are the first thing people look at, as they somehow reflect your personality. That is why it is being said that invest in the right pair of shoes. Even if you have only two pairs, make sure to take proper care of them, especially the leather shoes. When making use of leather shoes, people want them to look shiny and clean. And for that, they make use of different shoe products like shoe cream or shoe wax polish. But deciding which polish is the right for the shoes is quite a difficult task to do. So, here we will help you know the difference between the two, so that next time when it comes to choosing them, you can make the right choice.

More color pigments

The shoe cream available in the market comes with more color pigments than wax polishes. So, if you wish to add colors to the leather shoes, you should get the shoe cream. If you feel that the color of the shoe cream will not match the color of your shoes, then you need not worry about it. It is quite easy to find different shades of shoe cream in the market that will suit your leather shoes. Helios has a broad range of shoe creams available in the market that are a perfect choice to groom your shoes and keep them clean.

Conditioning shoes

When it comes to conditioning the shoes, wax polish is not the right choice. Because the use of wax polish often develops cracks in the shoes. Though it is easy to remove those cracks when you have a better option for conditioning them, why use wax polish. We suggest people make use of shoe cream only if they want to prepare their leather shoes properly. It will not only maintain the shine of your leather shoes. But your leather shoes will not require leather conditioning quite often.

Cover scuff marks on your shoes

When it comes to covering scuff marks on your shoes, it is wise to opt for shoe wax polish. You will need a good amount of wax polish to hide the scuff marks. It will not only cover those marks but using a good amount of wax will also provide a protective layer on the leather shoes, thus giving them a perfect look for meetings or parties.


Now, you know that both shoe cream and wax polish are important for shoes. They both serve different purposes, so we should have both of them in our boots care kit. They will not only make our shoes look good, but will increase their life also. If you are confused about the brands, it is worth giving a try to Helios shoe care products. It has a complete range and is capable of serving different shoe care needs.

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