Harms of putting your sneakers to wash

Sneakers are a wardrobe essential to many people. Sadly, your clean and sparkling sneaker can turn dirty in no time. Many people end up using a DIY technique to clean their sneakers like washing them in a washing machine or using a soap wash. That’s an expensive mistake and not many people understand that the sneakers are not meant for washing. Washing is a hard process and if you have bought a fine pair of sneakers, they won’t come out like new. Instead, it can harm your sneakers in various different ways.

       Wear and tear – Washing your sneakers with soap or any other homemade material such as baking soda can cause wear and tear to the shoes. It can cause even more damage to the leather sneakers compared to canvas or suede. 

       Discoloration – One of the severe effects of putting your favourite sneaker pairs to wash is that it can easily cause discoloration and completely ruin its design. Hot water used during the wash can fade its colour faster and even the powdered detergent can build up around inside the shoes that would only make its quality degrade over the time.

       Attracts more dirt and smell – Using a wash for your sneakers either in machine or through hand can only attract more dirt from the residue. The condition could degrade even further if the shoe is kept wet for a long time and starts developing a foul smell that can worsen your sneakers. 

Sneaker cleaner is the solution

Since summers have arrived, what’s the solution to the dusty, greasy and sweaty pair of sneakers at home? Sneaker cleaner from Helios is the best way to keep your pair of sneakers swanky shiny, clean and maintained all the time. It’s a perfect answer to the people who really want to keep their expensive wardrobe staple neat and clean without any caveats of washing them. Helios sneaker cleaner is the perfect go to product that won’t cause any harmful damage to the sneakers. So, if you are frequently washing your sneakers and suffering from its effects, now is the time to switch to Helios Sneaker cleaner and its complete range of shoe care accessories to meet your requirements. You would be amazed to see the effectiveness of sneaker cleaner and it would only increase the shoe life and restore its pristine condition. 

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