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Article: Best Ways To Keep Your Shoes Clean And New

Shoe Care

Best Ways To Keep Your Shoes Clean And New

From your favourite sneakers to leather shoes, they are all the costly investments you make. But it feels sad when they start looking dull and old in a very short time.

Some people do have big closets to keep their shoes safe and shiny, but not everyone has one. This is why, we have brought some tips and hacks to keep your shoes look new for a long time.

A pair of good shoes can make us look stylish, so why not keep them safe. Below, we are sharing different ways that can help you in keeping your shoes spick and span.


Use bleach on white sneakers after diluting it

Many of us put bleach directly on our white sneakers to get that white shiny color again. But that will not help if you are not diluting the bleach.

Instead, it will take more time for the stain to go away and you will end up using more bleach. Hence it is better to dilute the bleach using water and clean your sneakers by dipping them in it for some time.

Now, rub them gently using toothbrush to take that stain away. Once you are done with it, wash your sneakers with warm water and let them dry naturally.


Never machine wash your shoes

Yes, we know that many of you put your sneakers along with your clothes to get clean in washing machines. But just like your delicate clothes which only need laundry wash or hand wash, your sneakers also need hand wash only.

Washing them in machines will reduce its life. They may look clean but their color will go dull. Hence it is better to give them a hand wash, or pick up one of the best shoe polishes available in the market to clean your sneakers.


Go with shoe boxes or shoe bags to store your shoes

Don’t you have a good closet to keep your shoes clean and away from the dust? Well, not to worry. You can choose to keep your shoe in shoe boxes or preferably shoe bags which are produced by some of the best manufacturers of shoe accessories in India.

The shoe bags is of great help in keeping shoes organized and saving them from dust. If you do not want to get confused with the shoes and boxes, it is better that you start labelling it, by sticking the names or color of the shoes on the box.


Use bottles or newspapers to keep your boots in shape

Boots are quite expensive and we do not like to spend that much money on new boots now and then. That is why we want our boots to be in proper shape and without any wrinkles on them.

So, here is a simple hack that will help in keeping your boots in proper shape. Make use of plastic bottles or wine bottles to keep your boots in proper shape. Just put the bottles in boots and there they are with proper shape and no wrinkles.

If you wish to deal with the situation professionally, opt for shoe trees, they are a must for individuals who wish to keep their shoe shape intact.


Keep your shoes odour free with teabags

Yes, you heard it right, tea bags can help in keeping the odour away from your trainers or leather shoes or sneakers. If you are also one of them, who is tired of smelly shoes, then try this.

The use of tea bags makes your shoe odour free, and ready to use next morning. On the contrary, if you wish to opt for a much easier and fast way, then it is a good idea to try shoe deodorants available in the market.

They are probably the best solutions, to keep your shoes ready to wear any and every time you want.


Use bread and oats to keep stains away from suede shoes

As we know that suede shoes have a rough surface, so it’s not that easy to clean stains from it. Using a brush to clean the stains will destroy rough texture of the suede shoes.

So, in that case, stale bread or oat flour can help. So, if there is a stain of oil or grease on your suede shoes, you can make use of oats flour. Just apply some over the stained surface and you will notice that it will disappear in some time.

Similarly, you can make use of stale bread by rubbing it gently on the stained surface of suede shoes to clean it. For those, who are not up to using these tricks and hacks, they can opt for the best suede cleaners available in the market. Suede cleaners are your shoes best friends, so make sure to keep it handy to give your shoes a long life.


Let your leather shoes shine!!

If you are out of leather shoe polish and you want to make your leather shoes look polished and shiny, here are some tricks. You can make use of banana peels or hair conditioner to bring that shine back on your leather shoes.

Rub the banana peel gently on the leather shoes to get that shine. You can clean the banana residue using a paper napkin. Similarly, take a small amount of hair conditioner and apply that on your leather shoes using a sponge or soft cloth. It will not just bring shine on your leather shoes, but it will also act as a protective coat.


Final words

We hope above tricks were helpful for all the shoe lovers, who no matter what wish to keep their shoe range healthy and intact.

However, if in case you are looking for much reliable and professional options that are best for your shoes, it is good to get in touch with the best shoe accessory brand in India.

They are sure to have the widest and finest range of polishes, that can take care of your shoes just like the way you want.

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