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We at Helios believe in making our users lives easy by making their shoe care experience smooth, short and shinier. And our Sports Shoe Care Kit is just an example of that. It consists of Sports Shoe Cleaner and brush. Use the cleaner to spray foam over the sports shoe surface and then use the brush to remove the dirt and stubborn marks. It is amazing to have a sorts shoe care kit that will ensure that you wear really beautiful shoes every time. It is amazing to cleaning the sports shoe, it takes less than 2 minutes and your sports shoes are ready for any type of terrain. Often sports shoes are used to play or for an activity that is sweat related, which is the reason Foot fresh is really very important as that will ensure the shoe does not smell bad.



  • Foot Fresh will keep your shoes smell nice every time you wear them.
  • Just 1 spray of foot fresh every time you remove or wear your shoes is perfect.
  • Sports kit cleans all the dirt from your shoe in a matter of minutes.
  • A go-to kit for all people doing any sports activities or wearing sneakers on an everyday basis.


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HOW TO APPLY: (Sports Care Kit)
  • 1. Spray the foam spray over the surface of the shoe.
  • 2. Spread it all over the surface in liberally.
  • 3. Use the brush to remove the dust and dirt and to spread the foam over the shoe.
  • 4. Leave it to dry. And then wipe the shoe with a damp cloth.   
HOW TO APPLY: ( Foot Fresh)
  • Use the Helios Foot Fresh at the end of every day so that the shoes are fresh the next time you wear them.
  • Just spray a little on the inside of the shoe.
  • Let it settle for some time.
  • Your shoes will smell wonderful.


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