Helios Handmade Shoe Horn 6 Inch


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Are you tired of untying your shoe laces every time you want to put on your shoes and are your aching fingers looking for an easier way to slide your feet into your shoes? The Helios Handmade Shoe Horn of a compact 6 inch size is the answer to your problem. 

The lifespan of your shoes reduces greatly due to constant damage to the counter cap of your shoes caused by wrestling your feet into them. Apart from causing damage to the shoes, you are sure to hurt your fingers while using them to slide your feet into your shoes. overt time, using fingers causes an irreversible change in the shape of your shoes.

As the name suggests, the Helios Handmade Shoe Horn is hand crafted using steam beech wood which gives the shoe horn its unique shape and finish. Owing to its pocket friendly size, this product will help your feet slip into your shoes seamlessly and will make your shoe wearing experience a pleasant one anytime and anywhere.


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