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Delicate and expensive leathers like Suede and Nubuck need a lot of care and conditioning so that their natural surface texture is preserved. The Helios Nubuck and Suede Glower is the product you are looking for if you have a pair of precious Suede or Nubuck shoes.  This product helps to renew the color of the leather and owing to its top quality pigment content, rejuvenates the leather and enhances the color of your shoes. 

Apart from just shoes, the Helios Nubuck and Suede Glower can be effectively used to get rid of dirt from the Nubuck or Suede surface of coats, jackets and bags as well. Irrespective of the color, this product is sure to condition and soften Suede and Nubuck leathers and helps revitalize them. 


  • It removes dirt and dust from Nubuck and Suede leather products.
  • It renovates the color of the leather and enhances its life.
  • Perfect for all Nubuck and Suede articles.


  • Use the Helios Suede Leather Brush to remove dirt or dust from the leather surface.
  • Hold the can upright and spray evenly onto clean and dry surface from approx. 20cm.
  • Leave to dry in a cool and dry place for 3-5 minutes


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