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The Helios Silicone arch Support is best suited for people who have postural deformity of the foot leading to the collapse of the arches making the sole of the foot come into complete or nearly complete contact with the ground. Commonly called as flat foot, this causes excessive strain on the feet giving rise to pain in the heel area. The ergonomic design of the Helios Silicone Arch Support provides cushioning to the feet by maintaining the arch and thus relieves them of pressure over load and pain. 

It is made out of soft silicone material which has a strong sticky under surface which ensures that the arch support remains in place which makes it suitable to be used even in sandals and heels. 


  1. Unique supportive shape which maintains the arch of the foot.
  2. Made out of soft silicone.
  3. Non slip design keeps the arch support in place even while walking.



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