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Flat foot is a physical deformity of the arch of the foot which is not formed properly. Without appropriate support to the arch of the foot, there is uneven distribution of load and stress which results in foot pain and discomfort. The best solution to this problem is the Helios Gel Insole for Flat Foot. This insole has a natural curvature which is suitable for almost all types of foot arches and can be used inside sport shoes as well as casual shoes. 

The Helios Gel Insole for Flat Foot is the best choice for people whose working hours demand standing on two feet for a prolonged period of time. You can trim the insole according to your requirement as it has men's size of 6-10 marked on it. This will give you a custom fit and you can say goodbye to foot pain forever. 


  1. Can be trimmed for a custom fit.
  2. Provides very comfortable arch support.
  3. Can be used for walking, running as well as for casual use.
  4. Excellent cushioning effect provided by the gel.
  5. Made out of premium and durable gel.


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