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The Helios Foot Fresh is a unique and innovative shoe odor control spray which eliminates the malodor from the insides of your footwear. This spray helps in removing the odor all together instead of just masking it off. Right from the very first spray, the Helios Foot Fresh spray neutralizes the bad odor. The best part is that it is not made up of any harmful chemicals and hence you can be rest assured that your skin will not get damaged if it comes in contact with your feet. 

This type of spray can be efficiently used in all types of footwear like sneakers, formal shoes, gym shoes as well as school shoes. Owing to its compact design and size, you can ensure an odorless environment anywhere and anytime. It can be used on all materials like leather, PU, cloth and many more. Just slide the Helios Foot Fresh into your bag or purse and you will no longer have to worry about smelly feet.


  • Helios Foot Fresh is perfect for keeping your shoes smell fresh.
  • A spray every time you take off your shoes will work like a magic.
  • Every spray releases 1-2 ml of spray.
  • The foot fresh eliminates bacteria from the shoes.
  • Can also be used to eliminate the sweaty smell from gym bags as well.


  • Use the Femme Foot Fresh at the end of every day so that the shoes are fresh the next time you wear them.
  • Just spray a little on the inside of the shoe.
  • Let it settle for some time.
  • Your shoes will smell wonderful.


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