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Article: Ideas to take care of your shoes

Ideas to take care of your shoes
Foot Care

Ideas to take care of your shoes

Taking care of your shoes is essential, especially if you want them to last for a long time. The following list of shoe-care tips will help you stretch your dollar by ensuring that they last as long as possible before requiring replacement.

Cleaning Your Shoes

Make sure to remove any excess dirt or dust from your shoes. You can use a shoe brush or shoe wipe for cleaning them. Conventionally, people choose to wash their boots for cleaning them; however, it is a complete no and not recommended. Instead, one should opt for professional and easy cleaning methods to keep their shoes intact and clean.

Repairing Your Leather Shoes

It is essential to mend hole on your leather shoes before it gets too big. An excellent way to do repairs yourself is to get floss and tightly weave it onto both sides of the gap, then put either glue or wax over this thread so it won't come out quickly. If you don't want to fix holes, but there are some scuffs, get rid of the colour with a hairdryer (lightly, don't melt them!). Some people recommend using products like balsam or mink oil for scuffed shoes found at shoe stores. However, you should avoid using these products on your more delicate shoes since they are compelling and some leathers are susceptible. Instead, use waxes with care.

Moisturising Your Shoes

If you moisturise your feet regularly, you must know that moisturising your shoes' soles are essential too. Use some hand lotion or foot cream after taking off your sweaty or stinky footwear. A good time to do this is at night before you go to sleep and then leave them upside down on a newspaper or cloth so the leather can dry overnight. The following day you will have nice smelling shoes!

Store Them Properly

When putting your shoes away at home, always store them in boxes. It makes it easier to find pairs that match and eliminates any shoe degradation caused by moisture or light. You could even use tissue paper or anti-slip cushions inside your shoe boxes if they're going into storage (if you're storing all of your fancy footwear, for example). Make sure your shoes don't sit flat on the bottom of their boxes, or they will get flattened. A shoe tree is a big help here, and it can be helpful to stuff them with some paper to maintain their shape when in storage.


Wax polishes and sprays are generally more than sufficient for leather products and some suede shoes; however, use a cream polish if you want super high-gloss shine. Leather cleaner is best for removing marks like stains and old scuffs which come from daily wear. A leather conditioner is suitable for conditioning all types of good leathers. You can get these at Helios shoe care online.

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