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Article: How to Take Care of Your Shoes and Keep Them looking Like New

How to Take Care of Your Shoes and Keep Them looking Like New
Foot Care

How to Take Care of Your Shoes and Keep Them looking Like New

All shoes need a little tender lovin' care from time to time, and if you want them to stay in good condition, it's best to start right away with a bit of preventive maintenance. Here are seven steps that will keep your shoes looking like new:

  • Use the proper shoe trees
  • Shoe trees help keep your shoes pulled together and maintain their form. Without this supportive structure, internal moisture can cause damage such as cracking and leather rot, which would be very tough (and expensive) to fix. Place the shoe tree inside your clean and dry shoes whenever they aren't on your feet, for example, at night or when taking a break during the day after wearing them all morning.

  • Brush Them Regularly:
  •  The simplest way to keep your shoes clean is by brushing them regularly. This way, dust and debris won't stick on their surface and will fall off easily, which means that even if they get wet, they will dry without stains. Remove dirt from suede with a brush before it turns into mud. You can brush off any excess dirt using a soft brush. 

    • Moisturize the Leather:

     Leather can quickly become dried out and cracked if not moisturized regularly. It will help if you use a specially formulated cream or polish that includes lanolin and oils. It will help keep your shoes healthy and shiny. 

    • Clean them with Shoe Polish:

    You can clean even the dirtiest pair of shoes by using shoe polishes. Apply a thin layer on the surface and then brush it off from the top down. This way, you'll remove any marks from mud or other substances without having to use any harmful chemicals or solvents. Polish boots regularly to avoid rust on zippers and metal eyelets. Avoid using black polish on brown shoes as it can stain the leather dye. Remove salt stains with white vinegar or lemon juice applied directly onto the stain.

  • Use Shoe Shine Boxes:
  • Shoeshine boxes are perfect if you want to have your shoes looking great all the time. They usually include a buffing brush, polishing cloths and wax polish so that you can use them at home without any problems.

  • Store Them Properly:
  • Make sure your shoes are dry before storing them or leaving them packed for too long. It will prevent mould growth. Furthermore, it would help to place shoe trees in them while they're not in use; this helps with their form and discourages creasing.  

  • Clean the Soles:
  • You should clean dirt off the soles of your shoes very carefully. You can use a toothbrush or an old toothpick, but always remember to clean the edges with caution, so you don't damage them.


    Taking care of your shoes is essential to keep them looking like new. You might spend a lot on that pair, but with the proper maintenance,e you'll be able to use it for years. You can do many things when cleaning and taking care of your shoes, from polishing them regularly to storing them properly.

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