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Article: What Is The Best Shoe Waterproofer For You?

What Is The Best Shoe Waterproofer For You?

What Is The Best Shoe Waterproofer For You?

Shoe cleaners are an often overlooked aspect of cleaning. By bringing out the natural colour and lustre in shoes, they make them look much more professional. The use of shoe cleaners helps clean any spills that may happen on your boots throughout the day, protecting them from mud and stains that many other materials will absorb quickly.

Why use shoe cleaners?

The best thing about shoe cleaners is that regardless of if you have expensive or inexpensive footwear, your options are relatively limitless. Almost every product you find will be able to work on any material, so regardless of what kind of shoe you have, it'll still benefit you! We have brought forth some of the best cleaners that are just perfect for your shoe and can help you maintain the shine and glow.

Helios Ultimate Sports & Sneaker Gang Combo

Helios understands the need to make shoe care as easy as possible. Now you can clean and polish your shoes with a single product! Spray on, scrub off dirt and stubborn stains, then buff up those soles for an even shinier finish. A straightforward step reduces some of the work of cleaning shoes by half! Get Helios Sports Shoe Care Combo today and slip back into your patent leather (or pleather) like they're new again tomorrow!

Helios Sports Shoe Super Combo

If you have hard-working, sweaty feet and don't want them to show up in your heels, this combo is for you. The Sports Shoe Cleaner will give a clean shine that lasts all day long without discolouring the fabric at all. Spray the foam on the surface of the shoe and start brushing with our sports brush pack. Use is free from dirt and grime both inside and outside of your boots in no time- everyday champions may need these too!

Helios Universal cleaner

Helios is the ultimate cleaner for any fabric type. The foam spray penetrates deep into fabrics to lift away dirt and other stains while leaving a fresh, revitalizing scent. Mops up a spill in couches to kick-start your spring cleaning hassle-free!

The Nubuck & Suede Glower

The glower is the best way to keep your favourite dance shoes looking flawless, day after night. The Nubuck & Suede Glower easily removes any dust and dirt from the surface of your durable leather or suede shoes while moisturizing them for a radiant finish. It leaves only an attractive sheen on any colour nubuck/suede boots you're wearing! It has a solid yet soft brush material, perfect for adding the finishing touch to the outside of men's and women's dress footwear.

Sports Shoe Cleaner and brush

We at Helios believe in making our users' lives easy by making their shoe care experience smooth, short and shinier. And our Sports Shoe Care Combo is just an example of that. It consists of Sports Shoe Cleaner and brush, and other essential products. Use the cleaner to spray foam over the sports shoe surface and then use the brush to remove the dirt and stubborn marks.


Shoe cleaners help you keep your shoes clean and neat by removing dirt and dust particles before a spray or polish is applied to the shoe. It ensures that the item looks its best for as long as possible. It is always good to brush off any loose dirt before using a cleaner because wetting it down can make it harder to remove later on.

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