Things to carry for Leh-Ladakh trip

Leh-Ladakh is one of the most popular destinations in India, and people crave to visit this astounding beauty. However, before you plan your trip, it is essential to collect and pack the essentials. These essentials will help you have a comfortable journey that is going to be a memorable one. To guide you to the essential products, we have brought down the complete list down below.

Extra set of clothes

Leh-Ladakh is a high altitude region, so it is essential to carry extra warm clothing during the night. Temperatures vary in this part of the country, and you can also purchase cotton shawls that are available in plenty in the fresh market. In short, make sure to keep change for every weather, thus making your stay comfortable at Leh-Ladakh.

Kopin (Snow boots)

Snow boots are a must if you plan to visit places above 3500mts above sea level. It is most important to carry, especially if you wish to walk on snow or do any excursion with packed lunch up in the mountains or trekking at higher altitudes like Pangong Tso Lake near Leh and Nubra valley.

Gloves and Woolen stuff

Mittens are better than gloves during any Leh Ladakh trip. It isn't easy to drive in winter without gloves, but if you don't want to buy it while travelling, it is good to get your hands on used stuff.

Torch at night

It is advisable not to go out after 6 PM, so carry headlamps or flashlights. We'd recommend having a flashlight with you after 6 PM for safety reasons, even if you plan to stay back in the campground. 

Warm undergarments and Woolen socks/footwear

It gets freezing during nights in Ladakh, so bring along enough woollen clothes, including footwear/socks. If you wish, you can even order or purchase new ones in Leh. Make a note that carrying extra pair of undergarments, socks or footwear is recommended. After all, you would not want to fall into a situation where you fall short of shoes, footwear or undergarments due to any mishap.

Cash and emergency medicine

Cash helps pay for parking, toll taxes etc. and even if you plan to stay in a hotel, do carry enough money as many places still don't have card facilities. Carry few medicines with anti-bacterial/painkillers just in case you need them during the trip.

Shoe cleaner 

It is essential to carry the helios shoe cleaning kit, and it will help you keep your shoes clean during your entire trip. Helios is the right choice, as it is hassle-free and does not require you to take much effort while cleaning the boots.

Camera stuff - Memory cards, charger 

Remember to carry extra memory cards or go on an unlimited data pack on your mobile network while travelling in Leh Ladakh. A carrying power bank can be handy too. There are not many charging points, so bring along either your power bank or an inverter/UPS that plugs into the car cigarette lighter port or 12V socket of cars. You can also get inverters with multiple USB charging ports in Leh.


Carrying sunglasses is compulsory during any Ladakh trip. Even if it's cold outside, sun rays can still affect the eyes badly. Pick up sunglasses from a good brand that can work on protecting your eyes well in this beautiful place.

Camera gear - Tripod and Chargers 

Carrying a tripod may not be compulsory but sometimes, if you plan to stay near frozen lakes /mountains during the night, having a set of LED lights is helpful as they will give some warm light at such places. Similarly, bring along extra batteries and chargers as the power supply is limited during the winter months.


So, the above listed are some of the essential items that are a must to carry while going on a Ladakh trip. If you are planning a trip today, get on to packing your items to ensure you don't miss anything.

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