The basics of caring for your sneakers

Sneakers are a staple in everyone's closet. One can wear it for any occasion or activity; hence it's essential to take care of them. Whether you're looking for the perfect pair or want to up your shoe game, these tips will help you keep them clean and fresh.

Wipe down the exterior after every wear

Sweat and dirt can build up on the outside of your shoes. A quick wipe will remove any excess accumulated during the day. It's essential to do this after wearing them in wet conditions, as moisture can cause stains. Helios shoe wipes can be of great help, as it facilitates easy to wipe and clean your sneakers to keep them dirt-free.

Take care through rough terrains

As mentioned previously, your footwear needs to maintain its shape while also keeping the weather and moisture out. Water will cause leather shoes to stretch and absorb water, making them heavier and more rigid. Try to avoid stepping in puddles or running through the mud if you can help it! If a spill happens, wipe it off with a damp cloth as soon as possible – don't rub it in! Otherwise, you risk ruining the material beyond repair.

Allow them to dry when wet

Leather shoes can take a long time to dry, so the best way to avoid ruining them is not to allow them to get wet in the first place! Give your feet a bit of extra room if they need it, and wear weather-appropriate footwear if possible. If you find your shoes get wet from rain or sweat, give them time to dry out naturally. They will return to their standard shape once they dry. If they're soaked, though, it might be worth giving them a go in the oven (turned off, of course!) along with a tennis ball for ten minutes or so until they are soft and flexible again.

Avoid oily substances

If your shoe starts looking dull or feels sticky despite repeated cleanings, there may be an oil-based substance on the outside that is preventing water from getting in. Use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to remove any oil residue before cleaning again – this will help keep moisture out.

Give them a good brushing on the inside?

On days when you're not wearing your shoes, please give them a quick brush to remove dirt and dust from buildup. The shoe sole is made out of leather, hence using a brush will keep the soil off your shoes. You can try your hands on Helios shoe brush, made of good quality bristles, just appropriate to give your boots a squeaky clean look.


There are several ways to maintain sneakers, but the best way is to keep them clean. Clean your shoes with professional cleaners that treat your shoes right and give them a long life. These essential tips above should help you get started maintaining your boots!

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