Sneaker grooming on the go with sneaker wipes

Clean sneakers can make or break your image. Whether you are rocking off-white Jordans or classic old-school leather sneakers, a well-groomed sneaker is an integral part of your wardrobe. Clean white kicks can make a big difference but they can also harbor dirt, stain, and bacteria in your home. Staying vigilant with your sneakers and being able to clean them on the go, is the most important thing for a sneakerhead. 

Travel-friendly sneaker wipes

As soon as you buy an expensive pair of sneakers, it becomes a big responsibility and style statement to keep them clean at all times. It's easier to keep sneakers clean at home but what if you are traveling and you don’t have the time to clean. Super sneaker wipes from Helios is the solution, it allows you to quickly remove grime, grass and mud stains on the go. They are small enough to fit your pocket and can be taken anywhere. It’s also suitable for all types of sneakers including leather, nubuck, canvas, and suede. 

Compact and Convenient cleaning 

A small, resealable pack of Helios Leather and Sneaker Wipes contains 20 wipes is the perfect travel partner in our hectic lives. It’s a perfect quick fix to heavily contaminated shoes. With the growing coronavirus numbers, it is even more important to keep your sneakers clean and prevent germs from entering your home. Sneaker wipes do double duty by keeping your home germ-free and also bring the instant shine back to your shoes. The wipes are travel-friendly but you can also stash them in your home at the entryway and use it for a quick clean-up of your sneakers as soon as you enter the home. The best thing about Helios Leather and sneaker wipes is that it is a versatile and safe product that can be used on any type of sneakers. It is a product perfectly designed without the use of any harsh chemicals that won’t damage your favorite pair of sneakers or even soft on your hands. It’s the most compact, convenient, and preferred choice of modern cleaning that renders an instant gloss to your sneakers. 

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