Instant Shoe Cleaner for Leather, canvas, and nubuck

Someone stamped on your favorite pair of shoes? Or you got it dirty on an adventure trip? Helios shoe care products got it covered. We at Helios believe in making your lives easy by providing instant shoe cleaner for Leather, canvas, and nubuck. It will make your lives easy without worrying about your shoes while going outside. 

Nubuck Suede Shoe Care Kit

This kit consists of Nubuck Suede spatter and a multipurpose cleaning brush. It is a perfect solution to get rid of tough everyday stains. It makes your shoe care experience smooth, shinier, and short. It is suitable for Suede and Nubuck leather and is available in three exciting colors. Just match the color of your shoe to the shade card and give your shoes a new life. 

The best thing about this product is that it cleans the dirt and dust in no time and brings the shine back on your shoes. It is perfect for everyday use and increases your shoe life. To use this product, you need to use a multipurpose cleaning brush to remove dirt and dust. Spray the Nubuck Suede spatter on the shoes and spread evenly across all the surfaces. Let it dry for a while, and enjoy the renovated look on your shoes. 

Helios Universal cleaner 

The universal cleaner does the job for you in no time and wipes off most types of stains. It is a unique foam spray suitable for cleaning fabrics like Leather, suede, synthetic, and textiles. All you need to do is remove the superficial dust from the surface of the shoes and apply the foam on the surface. Let the foam settle, and then wipe it using a dry cloth. 

Super Sneaker cleaner 

If you are looking to clean any sneaker-like canvas sneakers, it is one of the easiest and most convenient products to use. It takes care of most of your shoes and is easy to clean within three minutes. 

To summarize

Helios products are specifically designed for shoe care and instantly cleans any shoe type, making it new. Hard detergents and water weaken the shoes, reduce their shelf life, and damage both the shoes' inner and outer surfaces. It is thus advisable to get your Helios product today and make your shoe cleaning experience hassle-free, fast and easy.  

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