Can you take sneakers to the cleaners?

Ever imagined buying a new pair of your favourite sneakers only to see them get dirty after a week? Pretty Annoying, right? The real question is how can you clean them? Can local dry cleaners do a general upkeep or deep cleaning of your sneakers or can you do it on your own with a good quality sneaker cleaner. Let’s understand how you can keep your sneakers fresh with regular and intensive maintenance. 

Can you dry clean your sneakers?

Nothing feels better than having a clean pair of sneakers. But nothing remains clean forever, stains are not permanent and you can keep the sneakers dry cleaned by using a sneaker cleaner that removes the stains from mud or food. All kinds of shoes can get dry cleaned be it formal leather shoes, sports, suede, canvas etc. 

Can dry cleaners’ clean sneakers?

Dry cleaners have knowledge about chemicals and fabric cleaners, but not every dry cleaner has the right knowledge to work with the shoes. Instead, you can choose a sneaker cleaner for quick cleaning purposes. Not every dry cleaner will have the experience to work with stains from inside and outside the shoes. On the other hand, using a sneaker cleaner is quite easy, effective and less time consuming. Cleaning your favourite sneakers with a high-quality sneaker cleaner can prolong the lifespan of your sneakers, save money and also keeps away the dirt, dust and bad odour. 

It may sound easy to handover your favourite sneaker to a dry cleaner but what if he doesn’t possess the expertise or skills to clean it? Even if you ask a dry cleaner, he may say yes to cleaning your shoes but a wrong use of chemical solution on your sneaker can fade its color or even damage it completely. So, what option do you have, choose a reliable sneaker cleaner from Helios today and get your shoes cleaned in a jiffy. 

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