These 5 white sneaker cleaning myths are actually ruining your precious shoes

Keeping your sneakers clean and fresh all the time could be a tedious task for a sneakerhead. Imagine going out and someone steps on your precious white sneakers. It is a nightmare for someone who has an affinity for sneakers. Well, what can you do when you are obsessed with wearing a white sneaker? While it is easier to fall for the myths around cleaning them, it is important to look for the right ways to keep them maintained and clean. Some of the myths around sneaker cleaning have been mentioned below.

Home remedies for a sneaker cleaning 

The chances are that your mom or your friend/colleague must have told you one or the other home remedy to keep your sneakers look sparkling white. You could be one of those people who always turn to choose home remedies or non-conventional cleaning methods. It could be possible that you're turning to Google for answers on keeping your sneakers clean. However, how scientific or logical home remedies you opt for might harm your shoes. In such a situation, helios products can come to your rescue. It shall provide you with an easy and convenient way to clean your white sneakers and keep them of good quality for life.

Dishwashing liquid for cleaning 

The most obvious choice and myth is using a dishwashing liquid to clean your sneakers. It is likely to turn your white shoes into dull yellow and can be hard on them. 

Bleach-based cleaner

Another chemical that you might consider for cleaning. These chemicals will only damage the fabric of the shoes. Instead, Helios super Sneaker is a safe and better-opted method to use on your shoes to keep them clean and protected at all times. 

Washing machine for sneakers

Using a washing machine is a complete disaster for any sneaker. It will only damage its quality and eventually make the shoes lose their shine. Machine wash is hard on the boots, thus impacting their inner strength and quality.

What kind of shoes need cleaning?

Another unusual myth is that only canvas or sports sneakers require cleaning. However, it's a myth that leather doesn't need cleaning to keep them looking newer. Every form and type of shoe needs cleaning and maintenance. Various cleaning products are available in the market; if you use them appropriately, shoes can have a long and durable life.


When we have burst all the myths, it is understandable that perfect shoe cleaning is only possible with the right set of cleaning products in hand. One such brand to rely upon is Helios. They have a wide array of cleaning products available, which gives you a one-stop solution to all shoe cleaning-related problems. This product will not disappoint you and will bust every myth, be it any fabric or color.

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