Shampoo vs. Sneaker Cleaner

A pair of sneakers can last a year for most people – but with proper care and using the right cleaning approach, sneakers can last for many years. However, your sneaker life can reduce if you are using Shampoo to clean it. After paying an expensive amount in buying your sneakers, you wouldn't want to use Shampoo on your shoes. If you are doing so, it shall turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes ever. It will not only reduce the sneaker's longevity but can damage your shoes along with reducing its shine over the period. 

Effects of using Shampoo on sneakers 

Choosing Shampoo for your sneakers is one of the biggest blunders to make. Let's understand the adverse effects of using shampoos on sneakers.

  • Reduces the life of sneakers – Shampoos are made of different sorts of chemicals, and they leave a chemical build-up on your sneakers. If you want to wear sneakers for a long time, then the Shampoo will reduce its life. 
  • Reduces shine – Sneakers are made of different fabrics like vinyl, suede, leather, canvas, nylon, cotton, mesh, etc. Using Shampoo over it will reduce its shine and spark. 
  • Causes Damage – Shampoos also contain some oil or specific chemical that would help smoothen the scalp. Using it on sneakers can easily damage its fabric, design, or shine. 

Benefits of using Sneaker Cleaner 

Sneaker cleaner is a clear winner when you compare it with Shampoo. Sneaker cleaner is specifically designed for cleaning sneakers, and it is well-suited for all types of sneakers. Once you choose the cleaner, it shall explicitly take care of your sneakers and ensure to keep them clean, shiny, odor-free throughout life. 

Hence, super sneaker cleaner from Helios is the most immediate, convenient, super-effective, and hassle-free product to keep your sneakers look clean and shiny at all times. Apply, gentle foaming solution to your sneakers and scrub them. You will be amazed to see the original look back on your sneakers in just three minutes. So, if you are looking for a quick and effective cleaning solution for sneakers, you must start using sneaker cleaner on your shoes rather than using shampoos. 

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