How much does it cost to get sneakers cleaned?

Paying to clean your sneakers is one of the least appealing ways to spend money. Sneakers are not a miracle product which is immune to getting dirty. Regular use of sneakers can lead to dust accumulation. The longer you don’t clean your sneakers, the harder it gets to take out the dirt. An unexpected rain, gym treks or just a regular run on a muddy terrain can dull your brand-new sneakers. Keeping your sneakers clean is a wise investment choice especially when you own a pricy one. Sneaker cleaners are perfect choice for keeping your favourite pair of sneakers spanking clean and in mint condition. 

Quick clean up

If you are looking for a quick clean up job then it won’t cost you a lot. Shoe wipes are one of the easiest ways to clean any type of sneakers. You can choose Leather and Sneaker wipes from Helios along with a Foot fresh odour control spray. A simple rundown job on your favourite sneakers could be something that you can do every day without much hassle. A good quality sneaker wipe from Helios won’t be containing harsh material for cleaning any type of sneakers that you have at home be it mesh, synthetic leather, Knit or canvas. Make sure that you take out the insole and stuff your shoes with a paper towel to avoid moisture from building up in the interiors of the sneakers while cleaning. Keeping a sneaker wet can cause dampness and bad smelling bacteria to grow, so keep the odour off by using a foot fresh control spray. 

Full clean up 

Modern times demand keeping your sneakers all cleaned irrespective of type of dirt and stain. If you are a sneaker head and want to buy a cleaner that works on all kinds of surfaces like fabric, vinyl, cloth, leather, sole or more, then choose a sneaker cleaner from Helios at the best price. On the other hand, if you are looking for a complete sneaker cleaner kit then you can also choose Helios Shoe Care kit that has top notch premium accessories for a sneaker head. It comes with a Sneaker Cleaner, Foot Fresh Odour Control Spray, a Shoe Shining Cloth, Leather & Sneaker Wipes, and a Water Proofer, to keep your sneakers off-dirt, stain-free and shiny all the time. 

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