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Helios launches India's 1st ever Shoe Sanitizer Spray.
During these times of Covid-19, we have realised the importance of hygiene and sanitization. Shoes are our most essential companions while moving out of our houses, and hence they are the most prone to carry infections. With Helios Shoe Sanitizer you'll be able to keep them safe by disinfecting them before entering your homes.

Can be used on any type of shoes like leather, suede, sports shoes and sneakers. 


  • Sanitizes the shoe with a single spray.
  • Use every time before entering the house/office or any other indoors place.
  • This can be a great option to travel with, in times like these.
  • Every spray uses approximately 1-2 ml.

Caution : Avoid direct contact with skin. Meant only to be applied on shoes.

Harana hai Corona...

Toh shoes sanitize karo na!


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