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FEATURES ( Color Shine) : - 

  • Easy to use and carry, Shine on is a perfect solution on the go.
  • The shape is perfect to grip to the hand.
  • It is a treat for your leathers and brings out the colour of the shoes really well.

DESCRIPTION ( Color Shine)   

Femme Colour Shine  is a unique shaped shoe shiner meant to shine smooth leather on the go. Its unique shape enables amazing grip over the product and makes shining shoes a treat. The fastest way to polish your shoes, No buffing necessary. just wipe on & go.

FEATURES ( Foot Fresh ): - 

  • Helios Spray is perfect for keeping your shoes smell fresh.
  • A spray every time you take off your shoes will work like a magic.
  • Every spray releases 1-2 ml of spray.
  • The foot fresh eliminates bacteria from the shoes.

DESCRIPTION (Foot Fresh) :- 

Helios Femme  Foot Fresh which is an odour control spray which will keep your shoes fresh in any condition. It eliminates bacteria that cause bad odour inside the footwear. It provides a pleasant, fresh smell. It has a spray which is very easy to use and it allows you to target a particular area with control. 

FEATURES (Leather Lotion): -

  • The lotion helps the leather to nourish and softens it.
  • Can be used for leather bags, shoes, other leather articles.
  • Perfect for a great shine and can be perfect for all type of leathers.

DESCRIPTION (Leather Lotion) :-   

Helios Femme Leather Lotion cleans and nourishes the Leather and maintains its natural softness. Especially recommended for leather goods and upholster. It is a cleaning and nourishment lotion for Smooth, Reptile & Patent Leather.

DESCRIPTION (Shoe Shining Cloth) :-   

For cleaning, applying wax/cream/lotion, and buffing shoes to an immaculate shine, our Helios Shoe Shining Cloth is second to none. The big (30cm x 30cm), soft, durable cotton cloth makes light work of shoe shining.


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