Helios Applicator Brush

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It is an applicator brush made out of steam beech wood and natural hair bristles.
The brush can be used to apply wax/lotion/cream to the surface of your shoe and will also help in cleaning the edges of the shoe where normal brushes or cloth cannot reach. Apart from the when you apply wax/lotion/cream to the shoe the leather absorbs it in better fashion with the brush. It's an indispensable brush for anyone who loves the shoes. This applicator brush guarantees optimal cleaning and polishing results, even on the difficult-to-reach parts between sole, vamp and welt. It is equipped with the finest horsehair and bristles and a beech handle, it should become a companion for life. Plus, the handle has the curves to grip to the hands really very well.


  1. Made from Steam beech wood and natural hair bristles.
  2. Used to apply wax/lotion/cream on the shoe
  3. Grips to the hand well
  4. Easy to use and helpful to reach all parts


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