Shoe care is not limited to what it was a few years back. Today, there are numerous products available to take care of your expensive pair of shoes according to their material and color. With the help of “Know Your Shoe” you will be able to understand your shoes better and will be able to care for them accordingly.


Smooth leather is one of the most commonly used leathers and is used while making high range shoes. It is made using the smooth grain side of animal skin and is very smooth to touch. This type of leather is a natural product and is water repellent by nature making it ideal for shoes and leather handbags. If right care is given, this type of leather stays smooth, durable and looks brand new for a long time. Caring for smooth leather is very easy. The first step is to get rid of the dust particles using a brush or cloth. Next is treating your shoes to waterproof sprays and lastly use waxes to regain the lost softness of your smooth leather shoes.


In today’s world where adulteration has become so common, it is very difficult to tell apart genuine leather and synthetic leather. Synthetics feel exactly like leather and sometimes even have a natural scent. They are mainly used to make attractive leather components in furniture and cars. Caring ofsynthetic leathers is as easy as its workmanship. A soft damp cloth will usually do the needful. In case of stubborn stains and dirt, simple shoe creams available in various colors will make your synthetic leather shoes sparkle again.


Patent leather is the most sensitive type of leather which is coated with a layer of foil or lacquer which gives it a high-gloss finish. If used daily, signs of wear are seen as pressure cracks on the surface of shoes and other leather accessories. Placing a shoe tree inside the shoes after every use is very essential to make sure that the glossy layer of the shoes does not wear away with time. Cleaning patent leather shoes with a soft cloth is good enough to remove stains and dirt, but, you can also use waterproof sprays to preserve the water repellent feature of these leathers.

Metallic Leathers

This leather is nothing but a layer of lamination over any smooth leather. Though it looks very attractive and shiny it has a major disadvantage that once the lamination wears off, the leather starts giving a flaky look. For this reason, this leather is mainly used to make decorative items and shoes that are worn occasionally. While caring for your metallic leather shoes make sure you are using a soft damp cloth with mild strokes so that you do not damage the leather surface. Suppleness can be added to the shoes by using leather lotions or wax based polishes.


The easiest way to identify this type of leather is to scratch its surface and if you notice wax getting displaced, the material is greased leather. Greased leather is oiled and soft. This leather is used mainly to make high quality bags, belts and shoes. Discoloration, wrinkles and creases are the signs of wear which you will notice on your shoes. Waterproofing these shoes is essential otherwise this leather will turn dark wherever water has penetrated the shoe. To maintain the shine of greased leather shoes, the use of waxes and creams available in various colors is very beneficial.

Combination leather

This type of leather typically includes a combination of nubuck and smooth leather. Combination leather is used to make high end fancy bags and shoes that are used for occasions only. Caring for shoes with combination leather is a little time consuming as you need to separately take care of two types of leathers at one time. But thanks to the various smooth leather and nubuck care products, caring for these type of shoes is not as difficult as it sounds.


Sports leather is made up of membranes which makes it breathable. This type of leather is most commonly used in sports footwear and makes them resistant to water wind and cold. The unique fibers of this leather drive water and moisture away from the body of the material preventing any water from entering the shoe. Maintaining sports leather is not difficult. Dry cleaning with a brush or soft cloth will help get rid of dust particles. In case of stubborn stains, using a little water will not harm your sports pair at all.


Nubuck leather is the leather with a velvety or fibrous surface. Due to its porous nature, it requires particular intensive care. Right from light weight summer shoes to high quality clothing nubuck leather is preferred for its velvety feel. Careful cleaning is very important of this type of leather. Dust can be removed using a special brush made for nubuck leather. Stubborn stains can be dealt with very efficiently using a stain eraser and for the final touch glower sprays in various colors can be used. Thanks to these products, your nubuck pair will look brand new for a long time to come.