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The Helios Super Sneaker Cleaner is our signature product which is the perfect go-to kit for all sneakerheads these days. The kit includes :

1. Premium Sneaker Cleaning Solution :-

  • This gentle foaming solution is packaged in a uniquely designed 125 ml bottle which if used wisely and efficiently can clean up to at least a 100 pair of shoes.
  • The solution is free of any harmful chemicals and abrasives and hence will cause no harm to the surface of your shoes. 
  • It is completely safe to be used on sneakers of varied materials like suede, leather mesh, fabric, knit, textile, etc.
  • The solution is very effective in getting rid of grease and oil stains as well.

2. Premium Sneaker Cleaning Brush :-

  • The brush is made of premium steam beech wood which has been beautifully engraved giving it a stylish as well as an elegant look.
  • The delicate but strong natural bristles of the Premium Sneaker Cleaning Brush make it safe to be used on all materials like suede, leather, mesh, fabric, knit etc.
  • Another very classic feature of this brush is the great liquid holding capacity of the bristles which does not allow the cleaning solution to drip unnecessarily causing its wastage.
  • The bristles can also absorb about 65% more water than any brush with artificial fibers would. 
  • This brush is ideal for cleaning the midsole and under sole of shoes.
  • Being manufactured with gold standards, be rest assured that the bristles of the brush will not wear out over time.

    HOW TO USE :-

    1. Dip the brush into a bowl of clean water.
    2. Apply a liberal amount of the cleaning solution onto the bristles of the brush.
    3. Dip the brush back into the bowl of water.
    4. Scrub the shoes creating a foaming action.
    5. Wipe clean the shoes with a clean towel. Repeat all the steps as required.
    6. Air dry.


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