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Our horse hairbrush is the ideal choice for polishing your high-quality shoes, especially those with a high-shine finish. Equipped with a wooden body and tightly stitched horsehair bristles our polishing brush offers extraordinary shoe care.

These horsehair bristles are ideal for sophisticated shoe care. While synthetic bristles can leave scratches on the leather upper, horsehair is extremely soft. The stained and lacquered wooden body fits perfectly in your hand and is equipped with grips on both sides.

After cleaning your shoes with a shoe cream, you need a polishing brush to remove the excess cream from the leather upper. After a few minutes, the leather is saturated and offers a semi-gloss shine. If you rub the bristles upon the leather, you create warmth. This in turn bonds the small wax particles in the polish to the leather upper and gives your shoes an inimitable shine.


  • It has a long and sturdy handle which lasts a very long time. It grips nicely to the hand.
  • It has a high-density bristle.
  • Gives silky high gloss on polished shoes.
  • Made from 100 % Horsehair. 

Note :-

Don’t use the same brush to do both black and light coloured shoes like tan or light brown or you will darken and possibly darken your light coloured shoes. 


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