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A father is every son’s first hero and every daughter’s first love. He isn’t the anchor that holds you back nor is he the sail that pushes you forward. He is just the guiding light who will show you the way. It is time to let him know that no matter where you are or whom you are with, he will always be your No.1 man forever. This father’s day honour the man who sacrificed his needs for your demands by gifting him this perfect grooming kit and make sure his shoes shine in every step he takes. Our gift box contains :-
1. Leather lotion - Helios Leather Lotion cleans and nourishes the leather and maintain its natural softness. Especially recommended for leather goods and upholstery. For an example use a clean cloth to apply the lotion. leave to dry. Buff it with a brush for better results. Can be used on any leather product like a leather bag, wallet, belt and much more.


  • The lotion helps the leather to nourish and softens it.
  • Can be used for leather bags, shoes, other leather articles.
  • Perfect for a great shine and can be perfect for all type of leathers.

2. 100 % Horse Hair Shoe Brush

A 5.7 inch long beautiful wooden sturdy handle made of imported wood with soft, 100 % genuine horsehair to give your shoes the love and care they deserve. And comes with beautiful packaging to grace your shoe racks. 

100% Premium European Horsehair brush with high-density bristles. Use regularly for a silky high gloss on your polished shoes. It can be used on shoes, bags and other leather articles.


  • It has a long and sturdy handle which lasts a very long time. It grips nicely to the hand.
  • It has a high-density bristle.
  • Gives silky high gloss on polished shoes.

3. Shoe Cream - 

The colour in your leather is an added feature applied by the tannery that made it. Unfortunately, this makes the colour temporary which can fade due to external factors like exposure to sun, lack of care, over use of shoes and many more. this is where the role of a concentrated cream polish comes into play which will help rejuvenate the leather and in turn helps in maintaining its color. 

The Helios Coloured Shoe Cream being highly pigmented, impregnates itself deep into the leather pores which along with maintaining the colour, nourishes the leather at the same time. Our shoe creams made out of the finest waxes will let your shoes shine exactly the way you want them to. The creams will not only make your shoes shine, but it will also help in making the leather smooth, radiant and long lasting. Rub it with a shoe cloth for best results. Can be used on leather bags, wallets, sofa, jackets, belts as well.


  • Made from the finest beeswax
  • The cream is highly pigmented for colour rejuvenation and leather nourishment.
  • It will make the leather last longer and improve the quality.
  • It can be used for leather bags, wallets, sofa, jackets and other leather articles.


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